Proof of payment

What is a proof of payment?

A proof of payment is a document that provides important details about your payment including:

  1. Payment currency and amount
  2. Date of payment
  3. Beneficiary name (account name)
  4. Beneficiary account number
  5. Payment reference

Please note if you pay using a mobile phone application, then screenshots often do not provide enough information and we may need to follow up with you for more details.

Do I need to Upload a proof of payment?

If you paid using either DMT (Domestic Money Transfer) or IMT (International Money Transfer) then YES you will need to provide a proof of payment.

How do I give NexPay a proof of payment?

Step 1. Login to your account (if you do not have an account, email your proof to accounts@nexpay.com.au)

Step 2. Click on “My payments”

Step 3. Click on “LoadProof” next to the relevant payment

Why do I need to Upload a proof of payment?

A proof of payment allows us to confirm and track your payment. In some countries like Colombia and Brazil, a proof of payment is mandatory. If you do not provide a proof of payment, you may experience delays in the processing of your payment.

Do you have any example Proof of payments?

Yes, please see below for examples of proof of payments in various countries. If you have any questions about your proof of payment, please email support@nexpay.com.au or log a support ticket inside your account online.